Purification of Heart by Remembrance of ALLAH

RTM Banner 02-01-2018A heart that is reluctant in doing any sin is a pure heart. Soul that is always attracted towards the right path is the purest of all. Anyone can reach to this level by remembrance of Allah. Prayers and Quran reciting is not only thing for the Allah’s dhikar but to act solely for the sake of Allah is real way towards purification of heart and soul. Low Cost Umrah Packages are offered by Road to Makkah and one can opt it as a best opportunity for wiping away sins of past.

Your intentions, acts and words should be only for the sake of Allah. Every action should show your affection towards your creator, every blessing you are enjoying in life is because of his love for you. The best example of righteousness is set by the Prophet (PBUH). He showed his purest form of character to the world so people can follow him and get among blessed one. Being on the path of truthfulness is also a blessing. Enjoy the feeling when your heart alerts on any wrong doing.

Choose the journey of Hajj or Umrah with us and learn fundamentals of a successful life in world in hereafter. Be sure that your words or actions are not hurting other creations of your creator. Road to Makah is providing you a great opportunity to avail massive offers and deals on cheap rates. Make your next year a blessing by starting it from the journey of Umrah selecting our Low Cost Umrah Packages by us.

You can contact our customer support anytime and we ensure best response from the team Ask for guidance, get details on the services and book you Low Cost Umrah Packages on the spot. Feel free to make us appreciate your presence in the family of Road to Makkah.


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